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Best Graphite Iron Shafts In 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Last Update: August 10, 2023

Graphite shafts have hit the mainstream in golf for quite some time now. Even the professionals nowadays are leaning towards them and why wouldn’t they? Graphite shafts offer less weight and more distance compared to their steel counterparts. However, they’re more expensive than their steel counterparts and the extra cost is worth considering the incredible performance boost they offer.

Though graphite shafts have taken the market by storm, finding the perfect one for your style and expertise can still be very difficult. Before going for a graphite shaft, you need to consider certain things, which even the most educated golfers don’t pay attention to. This often results in discomforts and deterioration in performance rather than improving it.

If you’re one of those who care to know about the products before making the final call, then you’re in great luck! We have come up with a list of the five best graphite iron shafts on the market. Here, we will share our experience and thoughts on them so that you find it easier to comprehend how they’ll work for you.

Top 5 Best Graphite Iron Shafts Reviewed

01 AccuFLEX Assassin II World Champion Long Drive Golf Wood Shaft (Editor’s Pick)

Why It Stands Out to Us

The Assassin II World Champion shafts come with a mind-blowing appearance that you can’t say no to. These incredibly lightweight shafts produce a lightning-fast swing that allows the player to achieve great distance. Having four flex profiles, they’re suitable for all golfers regardless of gender, age, or style of play.

The Assassin II has all the features that can improve your game while coming at an easily affordable price point. No matter what you’re looking for in your next set of shafts, the Assassin II can provide it all. No wonder they clinched the top spot on our list.

Our Experience With the Accuflex Assassin II World Champion

  • The red color coupled with an aesthetic design made the Assassin II shafts very attractive. With a glossy finish and a world-class build quality, they felt incredibly premium in the hands.
  • Accuflex included four options in flex profiles all four of them performed great. We were glad that the manufacturers didn’t charge extra for the more flexible options.
  • With the change in the flex designations, we also got a change in the weight of the shafts. However, even the heaviest option available (2X- 69g) felt very lightweight in the hands. The balance of weight seemed perfect as well.
  • Each shaft had a length of 46 inches (uncut). For this, we could use the Assassin II shafts with a multitude of different clubheads. With an adapter, we could attach any driver with the shafts.
  • We noticed that the shafts performed best with smooth to semi-aggressive swings. We also tested them with different swing styles and they suited all of them.
  • Our swing speed was massively increased with the Assassin II shafts. The ball flight was high as well.
  • Regarding distance, we were very satisfied with the Assassin II. With an additional 10-20 yards of distance in each iron, we can assure that they’re more than capable of enhancing the distance in any long iron or driver.
  • Maneuvering the shafts was very easy. We could keep the ball on target most of the time. With the suitable flex designation, they can massively improve the power and accuracy of any golfer.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The bend point was a bit higher than average. This might cause a few problems for some golfers.
  • The manufacturers didn’t include items like grips or adapters with the shafts.

What Could Be Improved

  • The addition of the senior flex profile would have benefited a lot of players
  • A quality grip would have made this shaft a way better product


  • Weight: 69g/ 67g/ 65g
  • Length: 46 inches
  • Color: Red
  • Flex: R, S, X, 2X
  • Available For: Unisex


  • Four flex profiles
  • Amazing design
  • Lightweight
  • Extraordinary performance


  • No grips
  • Senior flex not included

02 Pro Taylor Fit Nano Made PGA Tour 65 Gram Graphite Golf Iron Shafts (Best for Pro)

Why It Stands Out to Us

The Pro Taylor Fit Nano Made PGA Tour shafts are exceptionally lightweight and offer a premium feel to the touch. Manufactured with game improvement in mind, these shafts produce an incredibly fast swing, which results in achieving an increased amount of distance every time. You can pick your preferred flex profile from the four available options.

Another amazing fact about these graphite shafts is that they’re the most affordable model on our list. So, they won’t fall too heavy on your wallet as well. If you want to use the shafts that are adored by the pros of the game, the PGA Tour shaft from Nano is a great shout.

Our Experience With the Pro Taylor Fit Nano Made PGA Tour

  • The shafts seemed very well-made ever since the first look. The combination of black and red made them look even more attractive. The build material felt solid and rich in the hands.
  • We used all four flex profiles available and they all performed brilliantly. We can confirm that players of any level can find their preferred flex designation in these shafts.
  • We measured the weight of the shafts and found out that they weighed a little more than 65 grams. However, they still felt very lightweight and an average golfer will face no issues maneuvering them.
  • The PGA Tour shafts produced an incredibly fast swing speed. We were also astonished by their compatibility with numerous irons.
  • No matter which irons we used them with, we got a good amount of increase in the distance. Compared to the steel shafts, they offered about 20 yards of additional distance. On the contrary, we got 5-10 yards extra while compared to the other graphite shafts.
  • We noticed that the tips of the PGA Tour shafts had a decent amount of stiffness. This substantially increased the speed of the clubheads.
  • Regardless of the flex designations, the shafts were very durable. They seemed sturdy enough to last for a long time.
  • There was a strong kick during the swing which affected the ball trajectory and sent the ball a long way away.
  • We were very satisfied with the accuracy as well. Keeping the ball straight was fairly effortless and getting used to them didn’t take a lot of time.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The manufacturers didn’t include adapters or grips with the package.
  • The weight description was slightly inaccurate.

What Could Be Improved

  • A grip and an adapter could be included
  • The weight could be a little less.

Our Recommendations

  • There is a vast difference in flexibility in each of the flex profiles. So make sure the flex designation you’re going for suits you perfectly.


  • Length: 40”
  • Weight: 65 grams
  • Flex: Ladies/ Senior/ Regular/ Stiff
  • Color: Red, Black
  • Available For: Unisex


  • Astonishing design
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easily affordable
  • Increased swing speed
  • Additional distance


  • Not a great fit for all clubheads
  • No grips included

03 Project X New HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.5 60g Driver/Fairway Shaft X-Stiff Flex. (Best for both Fairway and Driver)

Why It Stands Out to Us

If you’ve heard about “Project X”, it’s probably because of the low-profile design or the performance boost they offer in their shafts. The HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.5 is no different. Coming in charcoal grey, these shafts feature an astonishing appearance. They feel premium and incredibly light in the hands.

With a lower spin, they provide an increased amount of distance with almost any driver and fairway wood. Even with all the deluxe features, the Smoke Black 6.5 shafts don’t cost a fortune. They are an excellent choice for replacing your driver or fairway wood shafts.

Our Experience With the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.5

  • Straight out of the box the shafts looked amazing. We loved Project X’s adaptation to charcoal grey. It made it look visually attractive. Build quality and the choice of material seemed top-notch as well.
  • The torque seemed to be higher compared to the original HZRDUS Black. The Smoke Black  6.5 felt firmer than its predecessor in the hand.
  • We measured the weight and found out that the shaft was a bit lighter than what the manufacturers claim. But the weight felt perfect for a fast swing.
  • We tested the shaft with different swing speeds and found out that it works best with a fast swing. We were getting a few yards extra with any iron we used with it. So, regarding the distance, we were fairly satisfied.
  • The Smoke Black 6.5 shafts performed great with any driver we paired them with. We noticed a low spin in each shot we took with drivers. The ball stayed in the air for an extended period and after touching the ground, there was a good amount of roll before it stopped moving.
  • We tried them with different fairway woods as well. Though it took a bit of time to get used to the maneuvering, after about 50 shots, we found our rhythm. The Smoke Black made us look better with the fairway woods.
  • The shafts produced a good amount of kick on contact with the ball. However, they seemed to offer just as much power as the swing produced every time. Many golfers may not like this feature but it improves the controlling of the shot massively.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Project X didn’t include grips or adapters with the shafts.
  • The shafts aren’t suitable for people with a slow swing speed.

What Could Be Improved

  • More flex profiles could have been included.
  • The manufacturers could include a grip and an adapter with the package.


  • Length: 46”
  • Weight: 60 grams
  • Flex: X-stiff
  • Color: Charcoal Grey
  • Available for: Unisex


  • Amazing appearance
  • Lower spin
  • Lower trajectory
  • Great pricing


  • No grips or adapters included
  • Not a great fit for players with a slow swing speed

04 Project X New HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 60g Driver Shaft Stiff Flex w/Taylormade Adapter

Why It Stands Out to Us

The HZRDUS Smoke from Project X offers amazing performance in all aspects. For starters, it has a stunning design and premium build quality that’ll blow your mind. This exceptionally lightweight shaft creates a low spin in the club, which keeps the ball airborne for a larger period. This makes the HZRDUS Smoke a very good option for drivers and long irons.

Whether you’re a newbie or a professional, this shaft will fit your playing style like magic, especially if you use drivers. If you’re looking for a quality shaft to improve your driver’s distance and accuracy, go for the HZRDUS Smoke and you won’t be disappointed.

Our Experience With the Project X HZRDUSSmoke 6.0

  • The shafts came with an amazing design and top-notch build quality. They felt very crispy in the hands. In comparison to the HZRDUS Black, they felt much firmer to the touch.
  • We loved the fact that the manufacturers provided accurate information about the weight. This might not sound like a big deal until you find shafts that weigh much heavier than what the manufacturers claim. The shafts were very lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • The HZRDUS Smoke shafts came with a stiff flex. They produced a low spin in the clubs, which resulted in keeping the ball longer in the air.
  • They produced a good amount of swing speed because of the low weight. We were satisfied with the distance we achieved with them.
  • The balance point seemed to be higher than that of the HZRDUS Black. The swing weight felt lighter than the Black as well.
  • We tried a whole bunch of different irons and drivers and the shafts performed great with all of them. We were getting extra 10-15 yards of distance from different drivers. From our experience, we can confirm that the HZRDUS Smoke performs best with drivers.
  • The included TaylorMade grips were excellent. They gave amazing comfort and rarely slipped from our hands during our time with the shafts.
  • We loved the fact that Project X included adapters in the package. They helped massively in switching between the drivers during our tests.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The shafts aren’t suitable for players with a slow swing speed.
  • Some users experienced issues with the adapter.

What Could Be Improved

  • The swing speed could be a bit faster.

Our Recommendations

  • If you’re starting out as a golfer, make sure to get the shaft professionally fit to get the best performance.


  • Weight: 60g
  • Length: 44.5 inches
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Color: Black
  • Available for: Unisex


  • Amazing design
  • Lower trajectory
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with all drivers
  • Consistent launch angles


  • Not suitable for players with a slow swing

05 Fujikura Vista Pro 60 R-Flex Shaft + TaylorMade M1/M2/M3/M4 Tip + Grip

Why It Stands Out to Us

The Fujikura Vista Pro 60 is the brand’s one of the most selling shafts. Coming with the manufacturer’s iconic cage structure design, these shafts offer an eye-catching appearance. Being extremely lightweight allows these graphite shafts to produce an incredibly fast swing speed, which can increase the distance on each of your irons.

Besides, they come preinstalled with high-quality grips. These are the best shafts you can find with a regular flex profile. You’ll find leading golf iron manufacturers like Taylormade using this model in their drivers. If you’re looking to enhance your speed and distance, look no further and go for the Vista Pro 60.

Our Experience With the Fujikura Vista Pro 60

  • We were very satisfied with the appearance and build quality of the Vista Pro 60. They came with Fujikura’s trademark design. The red and black color combination looked great as well. The shafts gave a premium feel to the hands.
  • They were extremely lightweight and very easy to swing. Each shaft weighed below 50 grams with the grips, which seemed too good to be true. Players who prefer to use lightweight shafts will love the Vista Pro 60 shafts.
  • No matter what iron we paired them with, the Vista Pro 60 shafts produced an incredibly fast swing speed. They stayed for a good amount of time in the air, which resulted in a late release.
  • Fujikura kept the shaft length to a standard 45-inches. This allowed us to attach them with any irons with a little adjustment.
  • In terms of distance, we were more than satisfied. We achieved an average of 10 yards of distance in the long irons compared to other graphite shafts with regular flex. We never achieved such distance with R-flex shafts.
  • We noticed that the Vista Pro 60 shafts performed amazingly with the TaylorMade M series drivers. We used some other graphite shafts with these drivers and none of them could come close to the Pro 60 regarding performance.
  • The manufacturers included Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips with the shafts. The grips were preinstalled and were very comfortable to hold.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not suitable for drivers of all brands.
  • Players who already have a fast swing speed may face problems regarding accuracy.

What Could Be Improved

  • Other flex profiles could be available.
  • The ball trajectory could be higher.


  • Weight: 50 grams
  • Length: 45 inches
  • Flex: Regular
  • Color: Red, Black
  • Available For: Unisex


  • Eye-catching design
  • Lightweight
  • Increased swing speed
  • Standard length
  • Grips included
  • Great price


  • Only available in R-flex
  • Not suitable for all drivers

Best Graphite Iron Shafts: Buying Guide

Graphite Iron Shafts

1. Weight

The most attractive characteristic of all graphite shafts is their incredibly low weight. These shafts can weigh between 50 to 85 grams depending on the brand, flex level, and functionalities. If you need an improved swing speed, you should look into the graphite shafts with less weight. On the contrary, if you’re working on your accuracy, graphite shafts with more weight will suit you perfectly.

2. Flex

a) Extra Stiff

“Extra stiff” is often known as “X-flex” in golf. Typically, extra stiff graphite shafts have a CPM rating (cycles per minute) of 260. These are the least flexible shafts you’ll find on the market. Golfers who focus more on accuracy and already have their swing speed sorted prefer the extra stiff shafts.

b) Stiff

Stiff shafts have a bit more flexibility than extra stiff shafts. With a CPM rating of 250, these shafts are picked by players who enjoy a very small amount of flex in their shafts.

c) Regular

Graphite shafts with a regular flex usually come with a good amount of flexibility. The CPM rating in these shafts is 240, which is preferred by players who want an increased amount of speed and distance in their irons.

d) Senior

Senior flex in golf means more flexibility than regular flex. Most senior golfers who want to increase their swing speed lean towards these shafts. You’ll see senior flex shafts in most super game improvement irons.

e) Ladies

These are the most flexible shafts in golf. Preferred by many senior and lady golfers, the shafts with a ladies flex offer incredible flexibility. However, the accuracy of these shafts isn’t as good as the other stiffer flex options.

3. Length

Length is one of the most crucial elements in graphite shafts. Each iron of a set requires different shaft lengths. To determine the length of your graphite shaft, stand still and take the measurement of the length between the floor and your hand. Do this for both hands and calculate the average of that length. Now, follow the chart to determine the length your graphite shaft needs (for a 5 iron) depending on that value.

Distance between the hands and the floor Length of the shaft (5 iron)
29-32 inches 37 inches
33-34 inches 37.5 inches
35-36 inches 38 inches
37-38 inches 38.5 inches
39-40 inches 39 inches
41 and above inches 39.5 inches

4. Trajectory

The trajectory of your graphite shaft determines its ball flight. You’ll find three kinds of trajectory in all shafts; high, mid, and low. Your achieved distance with a shaft depends highly on its flex level. With an increased amount of flex, your shaft will provide greater ball flight. Also, as the bend point of the shaft gets lower, the distance increases.

5. Release

There are three kinds of releases in graphite shafts; early, mid, late. Typically, an early release gives the ball a good amount of height but doesn’t achieve as much distance. While on the other hand, with a late release, you can achieve a greater distance.

6. The tendency of Flight Direction

An improper fitting can cause graphite shafts to have an inconsistent flight direction. If the playing style of the golfer doesn’t match the shaft flex they’re using, the ball flight will be unpredictable. As the flexibility of a shaft increases, it gets harder to keep the ball flight straight.

However, too stiff a shaft won’t do you any good as well because it won’t cover as much distance as flexible shafts. Go for the graphite shafts that have the amount of flexibility that matches your style of play.

7. Torque

Torque in golf shafts determines the amount of twist they’re prone to while swinging. All shafts have a certain level of torque. You can measure torque in degrees. Shafts with higher torque ratings will have more twisting than the ones with lower torque.

Normally, your required amount of torque depends on your swing speed. If you have a fast swing, a lower torque shaft will do for you. On the contrary, if you’re trying to increase your swing speed, go for graphite shafts with higher torque.

8. Skill Level

Your requirements for graphite shafts depend heavily on the degree of expertise you have in the game. Normally, you can have three types of expectations from a graphite shaft – an increased distance, an enhanced control, or both.

Most beginners need help in both speed and accuracy. So, if you’re starting out as a golfer, make sure to go for graphite shafts with more flex and less weight. If your skill level is more advanced, focus on the elements that’ll improve your game. Keep in mind that less weight and more flex will increase speed and on the contrary, increased stiffness and weight will give you more accuracy.

9. Type of Iron

Each iron of a set has different functionalities. Some irons are made for achieving distance and others prioritize more on accuracy. So, it’s evident that different iron will have different shaft requirements. Typically, the long irons (2, 3, 4) prioritize distance as their main feature.

Graphite shafts that increase swing speed and distance are suitable for these irons. As the numbers on the irons increase, the priority gradually shifts towards accuracy. You’ll see shafts with less flex and more weight in the mid (5, 6, 7) and short (8, 9) irons.

10. Affordability

A graphite shaft can have a price tag of $10-$150 and a whole set can cost you up to $1200. The price of graphite shafts depends on the elements like features and brand. Generally, renowned brands charge more for their products. Special features like specific flex or trajectory profiles also increase the price of a graphite shaft. Make sure to determine the features you’ll need before targeting a certain budget range.


Q. 1: Is there any difference between long shafts and short golf shafts?

Ans: Longer shafts produce a faster swing speed, which leads to an increased distance. For example; a driver connected to a 45-inch shaft will offer at least 20 yards of extra distance compared to the same driver using a 43-inch shaft.

Q. 2: What are the key differences between a graphite shaft and a steel shaft?

Ans: Graphite shafts are lighter, faster, and more expensive than steel shafts. However, steel shafts offer more durability and accuracy than their graphite counterparts.

Q. 3: Are graphite iron shafts more suitable for seniors?

Ans: The most common issue that senior golfers face is the lack of swing speed. Graphite shafts can solve this problem because they’re made for producing a faster swing. Technically graphite shafts are more suitable for senior golfers.

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