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5 Best Golf Irons for Beginners to Intermediate – BestGolfIron

Last Update: August 10, 2023

Unlike most other sports, golf as a game depends heavily on the equipment used by the players. In fact, your choice of gear has just as much effect on how good of a golfer you’ll be as your skill and techniques, especially in the initial stage.

No matter if you’re just starting out or trying to improve your game, picking the right golf set is always a drag. With thousands of options on the market claiming to be the best, it is getting harder every day. Without expert help, it’s almost certain that you’ll end up with a set that will do you no good.

We have cut down the list from thousands to five just for you. Here, we have reviewed the 5 best golf irons for beginners to intermediate players. From our experience with these excellent irons, you can have a very good guess about how they’ll work for you.

5 Best Golf Irons for Beginners to Intermediate

01 Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set (Best for Men)

Why It Stands Out to Us

Coming from one of the leading names in the industry, the Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set features everything that you can expect from a high-end golf set. This set is available in three different variants, so you can pick from either a 12, 14 or 16 piece set. The irons of this set are very thoughtfully engineered for the players who want to improve their game.

Featuring a combination of both graphite and steel shafts, each of the irons has just the kind of weight that will enhance your swing speed and accuracy. Callaway put accessories like headcovers and a quality bag with this set, which seems very generous once you look at the price tag.

Despite having all the features to be one of the best golf sets on the market, the Strata Men’s Golf set doesn’t fall too heavy on your wallet. Whether you’re starting out as a golfer or trying to get to that next level of excellence, our top pick is the one to go for.

Our Experience With the Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set

  • This set came with a pretty solid design and build quality. The choice of materials in all the components was spot on. Overall, we had a very good first impression of the Strata Golf Set.
  • Callaway used both steel and graphite shafts in this complete golf set. Graphite shafts were used in the driver and the fairway wood. It’s understandable because this set is made for beginners, who will struggle swinging if these two clubs had heavy steel shafts.
  • With a generous 12-degree loft angle, the driver was very easy to use. We achieved about 5-10 yards of extra distance with this club compared to any other iron on this list. Though it felt a bit heavy in the hands, this heaviness gave a huge boost to each of our shots, making the ball disappear every time.
  • The hybrid (4) had a loft angle of 26-degrees, which seemed perfect for someone new to the game. We misplaced quite a lot of shots and the iron took them like a champ. It seemed exceptionally forgiving and sturdy enough to last for a long time.
  • Featuring a 15.5-degree loft, the 3 Wood made us look like pros, and sending the balls onto the greens with it was almost effortless. Beginners and intermediate players can practice with this club to improve their off-tee shots or even their overall technique.
  • The short irons (6-9) were perfectly constructed and very easy to maneuver. Though they didn’t feature graphite shafts like the driver and the hybrid, we didn’t face any issues swinging them. Beginners can surely enhance their accuracy by practicing with these.
  • We were very impressed by the quality of the other clubs like PW and the putter. They each had adequate lengths and the accuracy on them was superb as well.
  • This set came with a premium bag that facilitated all the components at the same time. It stood on its own with the help of the sturdy stands and the straps were very comfy too.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The quality of the grips wasn’t the best in the world
  • We noticed that the paint started wearing off after a month

What Could Be Improved

  • The manufacturers could include graphite shafts in all the irons instead of just two.
  • Better quality grips could be used for the irons


  • Dimensions: 48x 14 x 10 inches
  • Included Irons: Driver, wood(3), Hybrids (4&5), 6, 7, 8, 9, SW, PW, Putter
  • Available Sizes: 6
  • Color: Blue/Red
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Available For: Men
  • Shaft Material: Graphite, Steel
  • Weight: 16lbs


  • Excellent design
  • Lightweight
  • Great durability
  • Easily affordable
  • Stand bag included
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Not many options regarding color

02 STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Set (Best for Women)

Why It Stands Out to Us

The Strata Women’s Golf Packaged Set is one of the best golf sets out there that’s manufactured just for lady golfers. It comes in a variation of sizes starting from an 11-piece set to a 16-piece tour set. There are four different color options so you can pick whichever suits you the most.

All the irons of this set feel premium in the hand. They’re very easy to swing because of the lightweight graphite shafts. With appropriate loft angles, each of the irons does its job perfectly. These irons are extremely forgiving, so you won’t have to worry about a few misplaced shots either.

This golf set also comes with accessories like a bag and head covers, which is very rare for budget-oriented golf sets. Overall, any lady golfers, especially those who are looking to improve their golf skills and techniques would love it.

Our Experience With the Strata Women’s Golf Packaged Set

  • We were satisfied with the appearance and the build quality of this set. From the 11-piece set to the 16-piece tour set- we tried all the available variants of this golf set and we can confirm that each variant carries similar qualities and materials.
  • Swinging the irons of this set felt almost effortless because of the lightweight graphite shafts. Any lady golfer looking to improve their swing speed and distance will surely be benefitted from these irons.
  • The titanium driver seemed sturdy enough to last a few seasons. The weight balance and 10.5-degree loft combined to increase the forgiveness. We misplaced a few shots during our tests but there wasn’t a single dent or spot on the clubhead.
  • Strata did a very good job making the hybrid of this set. It featured a large sweet spot and a good amount of heaviness, which gave it a very premium vibe. We could achieve good distance with each shot as well.
  • The short irons performed pretty well during our tests. They seemed extremely forgiving and suitable for beginner golfers.
  • All of the irons of this set had appropriate loft angles for their applications. Overall, the whole set seemed very well-thought and accurately engineered.
  • We loved the fact that Strata included a bag with this golf set. It worked great in accommodating all of the components during our tests. The pockets came in handy a lot as we carried our balls and tees in them.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Strata didn’t include a low-profile color option for the ladies who don’t like bright colors on their gear
  • Some of the clubheads started showing scuff marks after several weeks

What Could Be Improved

  • Stealthier variants could be available for those who don’t like bright colors
  • Strata could have given the bag different compartments for each iron


  • Available For: Women
  • Available Colors: 4
  • Available Sizes: 4
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 11lbs
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Included Irons: Driver, 5 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 7,9, SW, and Putter


  • Eye-catching design
  • Amazing build quality
  • Great forgiveness
  • Graphite shafts
  • Bag included
  • Great pricing


  • No stealthy color options

03 Precise XD-J Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids (Best for Kids)

Why It Stands Out to Us

If you’re looking for a golf set for your junior, the Precise XD-J is your best bet. This exceptional set comes in three varieties- each for a particular age group. Unlike most other junior golf sets, this one gives you the option to choose between a right-hand and a left-hand option, which is really thoughtful.

PreciseGolf used graphite shafts in the irons of this set, keeping the weight of both the individual irons and the whole set comfortable for children. Both the driver and the hybrid are extremely forgiving with generous loft angles, which is perfect for young golfers. Besides, other irons like the 6, 7,  and the putter are made precisely with children in mind.

The manufacturers went the extra mile to include a premium bag with the set, which is very rare for a kid’s golf set. Even after coming with all these exceptional features, this set doesn’t cost as much as the other ones you’ll find. If you’re in the market for a kid’s golf set, this is the one to get.

Our Experience With the Precise XD-J Junior Complete Golf Club Set

  • The design looked absolutely on point and the build quality was satisfactory as well. PreciseGolf did an excellent job in putting this whole set together and it seemed perfect for kids.
  • Using graphite shafts in the irons seemed like a great way of keeping them light enough for kids. The irons felt very lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Swinging these irons shouldn’t be a problem for any kid over the age of 3.
  • The driver featured a huge sweet spot and the forgiveness on it was amazing. It had a loft of 15-degrees, which seemed appropriate for young golfers.
  • It was very thoughtful of PreciseGolf to include a junior hybrid instead of long irons to the set. It was extremely forgiving with the 25-degree loft. We were very pleased with the quality of this club in particular.
  • PreciseGolf included 2 short irons (6 and 7) in the set, which performed incredibly during our tests. We gave them to actual children for testing their performance and the kids loved it. Without any knowledge of grip, posture, alignment, ball position, and stance, they were swinging the irons at a great speed.
  • The putter seemed very precise. We’ve seen a lot of premium golf sets not paying much attention to clubs like putters and wedges but fortunately, PreciseGolf wasn’t one of them. It was extremely lightweight and felt premium in the hands.
  • Any kid would be fascinated with the design of the bag at first glance. It was solid, lightweight, and stood tight using the stands. The push handle and comfy strap felt premium as well. Most importantly, the bag seemed really sturdy so it’ll last for a few seasons at least.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The number of clubs seemed limited. The manufacturers could have easily included one or two more irons into the set.
  • We noticed that the bag was a bit top-heavy.

What Could Be Improved

  • PreciseGolf could have included headcovers for every iron instead of just two.

Our Recommendations

  • Make sure to put some golf balls or any kind of weight in the storage pocket to cancel out the top-heavy feel of the bag.


  • Dimensions: 30.8x 10.5x 7.2 inches
  • Available Irons: Driver, hybrid, 6, 7, putter
  • Available Colors: 3
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Available For: Kids


  • Fascinating construction
  • Graphite shafts
  • Available for three age groups
  • Lightweight set
  • Premium bag
  • Easily affordable


  • A limited number of irons

04 Wilson Golf Men’s Ultra Complete Package Set

Why It Stands Out to Us

This inexpensive golf set from Wilson gives you the feel of a high-quality set. The Wilson Golf Men’s Ultra comes with all the irons that you’d need as a beginner or even an intermediate player. Featuring a variety of lofts, these irons can improve your game like never before.

With large sweet sports and exceptional forgiveness, you’ll find it very easy to hit the balls with these irons. Wilson used different shaft materials depending on the characteristics of the irons, which is a very clever move for keeping the price in check.

You’ll also get a top-quality bag that will come in handy to keep all the components of this set organized. Overall, this a complete package for anyone who’s looking to improve their game. Considering all the features and the price tag, this golf set is a no-brainer.

Our Experience With the Wilson Golf Men’s Ultra

  • We were very satisfied with the build quality and the design of this golf set. Each of the irons offered the same premium feel to the hand.
  • Both steel and graphite shafts were used in different irons of this set. Regardless of the shaft materials, all the irons offered good swing speed, accuracy, and distance.
  • Wilson coupled the driver with a graphite shaft. It featured 10.5 degrees of loft, which seemed perfect for any beginner or intermediate golfers. The weight on the driver was nicely balanced as well. So, we didn’t face any issues maneuvering it.
  • The fairway wood felt very forgiving during our tests. With the large sweet spot, it was very easy for us to send the ball to a good amount of distance. Wilson used a graphite shaft in this club as well.
  • It’s not common for budget golf sets to feature quality hybrids but fortunately for us, the hybrid included in this set was outstanding. It had a graphite shaft and we had loads of fun with it.
  • The short irons of this set featured the cavity back design and steel shafts. As they aren’t supposed to achieve as much distance as the driver and the wood, using steel shafts seemed reasonable to us. Beginner golfers can improve their accuracy with these short irons.
  • We loved the fact that Wilson added a bag with the set. The bag could accommodate all the irons of the set at once. Though we ran into some issues regarding the lack of pockets, the material and the design of the bag were very satisfactory.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The set didn’t come with a 5 iron. Though it’s not an absolute dealbreaker, some users still consider it a red flag.
  • Grips weren’t aligned perfectly in some of the irons.

What Could Be Improved

  • The addition of a 5 iron would make this set even better
  • Wilson could increase the number of pockets in the bag for storing items like balls and tees.


  • Size: Regular Carry
  • Material: Blend
  • Included Irons: Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, Putter
  • Shaft Material: Graphite, Steel
  • Available For: Men


  • Excellent forgiveness
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect shaft choice for each iron
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Great pricing
  • Easy to transport


  • Not for advanced players

05 LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Individual or Golf Irons Set for Men

Why It Stands Out to Us

Doing justice to the name, the Lazrus Premium Golf Irons give you a premium feel for a not-so-premium price. Featuring the cavity back design, these irons come with an attractive construction. These irons have steel shafts that are designed for improving control and accuracy.

With a large sweet spot, the Lazrus Premium Irons makes it hard to miss the ball. Even if you miss the ball a few times, the great forgiveness of the irons will take care of it. Besides, they come with premium grips which are very rare for budget irons to feature.

Coming with all these incredible features and functionalities, it’s a mystery how Lazrus managed to keep the price so low. If you’re looking for a top-quality iron set on a budget, the Lazrus Premium Iron Set is your best bet.

Our Experience With the Lazrus Premium Golf Irons

  • Looking at the irons, we couldn’t tell that they were budget-oriented products. They featured a design similar to Callaway’s Big Bertha, which is one of the most premium iron sets on the market. Lazrus did a noteworthy job considering the design and the build quality of these irons.
  • Lazrus kept the price low by using steel shafts instead of graphite or hybrid materials. Though we can’t claim that they were lightweight and fast, we can confirm that the accuracy and control of the shafts were spot-on.
  • The Lazrus Premium Irons gave the ball a good amount of spin, which kept it in the air for a longer period. This helped us achieve an additional 5-10 yards of distance in each shot.
  • Each of the irons had optimum lofts and even the long irons of the set seemed very easy to hit. The PW had 45 degrees of loft, which was the highest in the set.
  • The forgiveness on these irons was world-class. During our tests, we misplaced numerous shots but the irons took them like they were nothing.
  • The irons took a little time to break in but once we got used to them, they became our go-to irons. Any beginner or intermediate player can be massively benefitted from these exceptionally made irons.
  • Lazrus included custom grips with the irons. The grips were very comfortable and premium-looking. You won’t see many budget-oriented irons come with grips of this quality.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The steel shafts didn’t produce optimum swing speed
  • Lazrus didn’t give any options in terms of shaft flex or material.

What Could Be Improved

  • An option to choose graphite shafts could be included


  • Shaft Flex: Regular
  • Shaft Material: Alloy Steel
  • Available for: Men
  • Available Irons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW


  • Excellent design & build quality
  • Great forgiveness
  • Low spin
  • Long shafts
  • Great accuracy and control
  • Comfy grips
  • Easily affordable


  • Swing speed not optimum

Best Golf Irons for Beginners to Intermediate- Buyer’s Guide

Best Golf Irons for Beginners

1. Skill Levels

In golf, players of every skill level require something different from the others. Typically, irons can be classified into three different categories regarding the skill level of the golfer. Depending on how far you’ve improved in the game, choose the type that suits you the most.

a) Player Irons

The player irons are entirely dependent on the players as they don’t bring anything extra to the table. Rather, they produce the exact amount of accuracy and distance generated by the maneuvering of the player. That’s why, only the professional and experienced players, who have complete control over their swing pick these irons.

b) Game Improvement Irons

These are the most commonly used irons out there. Though the pros rarely use them, they’re extremely popular among the intermediate players. So, players who have learned a thing or two about the game and have some experience playing it are the target buyers of the game improvement irons. These irons help the players by increasing the swing speed and being more forgiving.

c) Super Game-Improvement Irons

These extremely forgiving irons produce exceptional swing speeds and make it very easy for the players to hit the sweet spot. That’s why they’re popular among beginners, who commonly struggle with their maneuvering. Some lady golfers and seniors also pick these because of the ease they offer.

2. Type of Irons

a) Cast Irons: These irons are made by putting liquid metal like steel or titanium into frames. Different manufacturers customize their frames differently. This technique allows manufacturers to use different metals in their irons.

Besides, manufacturers can implement complex designs and styles in their products by using this technique. These irons are usually the sturdiest and prone to damage.

b) Forged Irons: This type of irons is made literally by adapting the technique used by the blacksmiths. In this technique, metal is given a rough shape at first. Then, it’s heated and beaten with hammers to give it the preferred shape. This process is costly and more expensive.

3. Different Designs

a) Muscle Back: Also known as ‘blade irons’, this design features equal mass all over the clubhead. The muscle back irons are also the narrowest ones that you can find on the market.

b) Cavity Back: These irons feature a cavity on the rear side. It almost looks like a portion of the back is scooped out of the irons. This design is implemented to put more weight on the front side of the clubhead. This way, manufacturers can put weight on the areas that need the most strength and heaviness.

4. Loft

The distance the ball will travel depends heavily on the factor named ‘loft’ or ‘loft angle’. If you examine any iron, you’ll notice that the face of the clubhead isn’t parallel with the shaft, rather it’s tilted a bit, creating a particular angle with the shaft.

This angle is called loft. If you increase the loft angle, the ball will travel further up the ground and achieve more distance. Make sure to determine the loft you’ll need on your irons before you pick a particular model.

5. Weight

In terms of weight, you need to consider two things;

a) Weight of the clubhead

A heavier clubhead will send the ball further up the field compared to lighter clubheads. Heavier clubheads are also more forgiving than the lighter ones, which means that they’ll be easier for you to connect to the ball.

However, every player has their own preference regarding the weight of the clubhead. So, you’ll have to determine yours by trying out club heads with different amounts of weight on them before you make the purchase.

b) Shaft Weight

Shaft weight is just as important as the weight of the clubhead. Lighter shafts will produce a faster swing, which is paramount for getting the ball to an optimum distance. If you already mastered your swinging, you can make do with heavier shafts. But coupling a lightweight shaft with a heavy club head will be the smartest move for any beginner or intermediate player.

6. Shaft Material

You’ll find three types of shafts depending on the materials used to make them;

a) Steel Shafts

Steel shafts are the most commonly used ones. They’re heavier than their graphite counterparts, so you can’t expect exceptional swing speed from them. However, what steel shafts bring to the table is excellent accuracy. They’re also the cheapest bunch out of the three types.

b) Graphite shafts

Graphite shafts are lighter and more expensive than steel shafts. These lightweight shafts produce great swing speeds and distance. However, they fall behind steel in the race of accuracy. These shafts are often favored by newbies and seniors, who struggle with their swing.

c) Hybrid Shafts

These are the latest editions in the realm of shafts. They’re made of both steel and graphite. Typically, graphite is used in the tip of the hybrid shafts and steel in the rear areas. These shafts produce both accuracy and speed at the same time.

7. Shaft Flex

Yet another factor about shafts that you need to take into consideration is the shaft flex. It’s because your swing speed heavily depends on the flex designation of the shaft you’re using. If you increase the flexibility of your shaft, you’ll get a faster swing, which is a must for achieving good distance. Golf shafts can have three main types of flex designations; senior, regular, and stiff.

As the name suggests, stiff shafts don’t offer much flexibility. So, they’re not the best choice for anyone who’s looking to gain some additional swing speed. Regular shafts stand somewhere in the middle ground in terms of flexibility.

Regular is also the most commonly chosen flex designation. Senior flex shafts offer the most flexibility in the bunch, making them popular among senior golfers who struggle with their swing speed. Pick your desired flex designation depending on your swing speed.


Q. 1: What irons should I get as a beginner?

Ans: As a beginner, a 3 wood, a 5 iron, a 9 iron, a wedge, and a putter should make a good set for you to get a very good idea about the basics of the game.

Q. 2: Are golf irons for intermediate players expensive?

Ans: Not necessarily. You can get a very good set of irons for a very cheap price if you do your research well. However, as an intermediate player, you’d want to get into the next level as quickly as you can. So, the best choice would be to go for the best irons out there, which can be very expensive.

Q. 3: Which irons are the hardest to hit?

Ans: Typically, the longer the iron, the harder it is to hit. Besides, irons with lower loft angles also make life difficult for beginner golfers as they’re the least forgiving ones. Considering all these facts, the long irons (3,4) are the hardest to hit.

Q. 4: Cavity back or blade- which one is better for beginners?

Ans: Blade or muscle-back irons are the thinnest of the two styles, which is very hard for beginner golfers to use. On the flip side, cavity back irons feature a thicker sole and a better weight balance than the blade irons. So, it’s safe to say that the cavity back irons are the better choice for beginners.

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