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About Us

We’ve all come to that crossroads in our golf careers where we’re faced with the decision of whether to keep playing or throw in the towel. Maybe some health issues arose, or you started a new job or a family and now your leisure time is scarce, or perhaps you’re just tired of your never-improving scores.

However, despite the numerous setbacks and the times we shout, “Never again,” we somehow always end up returning to golf – the game we love to hate and hate to love!

Here you’ll find a group of pro, competitive, amateur, recreational and serious golfers. On this platform, we share our experience and time spent in the course and review different kinds of golf equipment. As golf enthusiasts, we also love giving good advice and our full support for the propagation of this sport to your spouse, children, and friends.

We believe our endeavour will help you develop the physical, mental, nutritional, and biomechanical sides of your game so your scores are improved significantly.

Stay with us and enjoy golf more!

The Teams

Carolina Pina

Steve Madigan

Hailing from humble beginnings in Oregon, Steve Madigan began playing golf from age 7 and never stopped. He considers himself a golf guy who loves the history, friendships, travel, and oddities of this incredible game. After all, some of his fondest memories have happened on the course.

Steve is also an avid writer who has authored a number of golf articles and three golf books. Currently, he is focusing on an objective writing style to give golf fans in-depth insights into golf betting and analytics.